Bhai Dooj Gifts Worldwide

On the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj, send warm wishes to your brothers and sisters by sending them greeting cards. Browse through the article to know in detail about what all you can opt for.

Bhai Dooj Cards

Bhai Dooj, also known as Yama Dwitiya, is celebrated with great gaiety all over the country. It falls two days after the festival of Diwali and on this day, sisters pray for the long and cherished life of their brothers. Also, they perform tika ceremony, aarti and offer sweets to their brothers. In return, brothers give gifts and blessings to their sisters. For performing the rituals, sisters decorate the puja thalis very beautifully and all the rituals take place on the platform on which the Diwali puja is performed. This festival holds great significance in Hindu religion and there are various Hindu mythology legends related to this festival. Sisters, who are away from their brothers, send Bhai Dooj tika along with the gifts and greeting cards to your brothers, expressing your love and gratitude for them. Read to know more about Bhai Dooj cards.

Bhai Dooj Greeting Cards

Gift Galleries
In gift galleries such as Archies, Paper Rose, Hallmark etc. greeting cards for the occasion of Bhai Dooj are easily available. They have a range of cards for brothers and sisters with sentimental written messages inside it. Thus, select the best card which expresses your feelings towards your brother or sister and send it. It will convey them that how important they are in your life and how much you love and care for them.

Handmade Cards
A handmade card is another best option to express your feelings for your brother and sister. With the help of various decorative items such as water colours, oil paints, wax crayons, ribbons, laces, mirrors, beads, sequins, colourful papers, etc. one you make a very beautiful card sitting at home. For making a card you can also take ideas from internet and by the fusion of your ideas and the ideas taken from internet, you can make a wonderful handmade card. Inside the card, write a heart touching message and it will surely express your love and affection towards your brother or sister and will strengthen the bond between the both of you. So, on this Bhai Dooj make a beautiful handmade card and send it, admitting and thankful for the importance of your brother or sister in your life.

You can also send an E-card through various websites. With the coming of internet it has become very easy to express your love and respect towards your brothers and sisters on this auspicious occasion. On E-cards, there is an option of writing your message, and the other required details. So, select a beautiful E-card with an animated story or still images, choices is yours, on Bhai Dooj from the online E-cards portals and send it to your brothers and sisters.