Bhai Dooj Gifts Worldwide

Present your sibling with beautiful handmade gifts on this joyous occasion of Bhai Dooj and standout in the memory lane for the uniqueness of your gift.

Art & Craft Gifts

When markets are full of shimmering stuff, there are people who prefer products that are decent yet creative. The detailing and personal touch that is present in the handmade products makes the gift worthwhile. Creating the gifts yourself not only enhances the feel of the festival but also makes your gift stand out from the usual stuff. Bhai Dooj is a festival that celebrates the loving bond of brother and sister relationship. After the completion of tilak ceremony, the exchange of gifts takes place. There's a huge difference in creating something on your own and buying something. The difference is there in the excitement levels of the receiver. The special effort made by the presenter is not only appreciated but also valued. You too can make a beautiful lamp by using simple paper and waste colours, use clay to make idols of God and much more. Here are some really simple ideas for Homemade Art & Craft Gifts for Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj Art & Craft Gifts Ideas

Paper Perfect
How about some imaginative lampshades or chandeliers? These are made by rolling the sheet of paper and cutting its bottom 5 inches into thin strips, bent from the centre and painted. A little hole is made on the top of it to fix the bulb wire, and the wire decorated with cut out of leaves or paper designs. Just fix the bulb and you are ready to gift it to your sibling.

Creative Clay
Colours can captivate anyone if used in a creative manner. Buy structures of gods and goddesses made with clay and paint them according to your liking. As idols of god are suitable to be given on every occasion, they would certainly prove to be a nice gift item for Bhai Dooj. Apart from the idols of god, you can even get home decor items out of clay. Clay elephants decked up from colours or bells or mirror pieces to add shimmer to it.

Captivating Cloth
If door hangings or table mats made with Jaipuri printed material to present to your sibling sounds good than do just right that. These are cut into different shapes of flowers or animals from the piece of cloth; and are embellished with glitters, mirrors and fabric paint. Stuck to the Jaipuri printed material, the borders and bells are added next. An artistically made handmade gift!

Charismatic Candles
Decorative candles are not just beautiful but useful as gifts too. With uses like lighting, the candles can act as pleasing decorative items. Making decorative candles won't take much of your time, but effort and safety. You can even make or purchase and decorate aroma candles. These will definitely make lovely Bhai Dooj present.