Bhai Dooj Gifts Worldwide

Send decorative gift items to your sibling on this Bhai Dooj. Show that you value them and strengthen the bond of love between you.

Decorative Gifts

Bhai Dooj is the festival to cherish the loving relationship of brother and sister. This day is an occasion to mark the eternal bond of love. On this day, sisters invite their brothers at their places and treat them with delectable meals. Sisters then mark their brothers' forehead with tika and pray to god for their long life and prosperity. Brothers in turn bless them and showers gifts on them. This is a day of grand celebration in Hindu households, especially in North India. Apart from Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj is the only festival that strengthens the bond between siblings. Brothers and sisters try to look for the perfect gift for each other, which at times becomes a hard task. We, on this online gift portal simplify your trouble by facilitating you with various gifting options. You can choose the apt one and get it delivered in a convenient manner. As far as decorative presents are concerned, mentioned below are the products available with us.
  • Send your brother the feel of the occasion with a designer puja thali. Available with us are puja thalis covered with brocade cloth and shimmering designs, floral designs, with containers for roli and akshat. Also, a steel diya would be embedded in the thali to make puja thali look even more complete.
  • How about presenting your sister with multi utility section tray with coloured glass? Or may be a metal dry fruit tray? Gifts like these can not only be used to store food stuff, but also add on to the presentation of your homes. This multi utility tray is handcrafted with antique finish of white metal frame. The dry fruit tray is available in metal as well as wood. These turn out to be ideal decorative items and perfect gifts.
  • White metal Mughal painted jewellery box can also prove to be a pretty gift for your loving sister. The engravings over the box give it a rich antique look, making the interiors more attractive. It is indeed an ideal decoration piece and a perfect gift for your sister.
  • Your sisters' precious and beautiful jewelleries deserve an equally beautiful box. Gemstone painting jewellery box is crafted in a traditional manner; made of wood and has imprints of gemstone painting making it as fascinating as her jewellery.
  • Hand carved wooden pair of camel would prove to be a wonderful decorative item. A symbol of the brilliance of Rajasthani craftsmanship, this pair of wooden camels would make the interiors of your home captivating. Made of wood this pair of camel, every detail on it is carefully carved by the skilled craftsmen, making it a perfect gifting item.
  • Handcrafted tribal metal craft wall clock with rosewood frame is capable of adding charm and personality to a home. Available with us in different designs and colours, these framed watches are beautifully carved in brass and bell metal. These add decorative style to your home with a tinge of royalty. Present your brother with a gift like this on Bhai Dooj so that he can treasure it for the rest of his life.
  • Also, available with us are products like metal and wooden pen stands, hukka in white metal, mutil-utility jars made of glass and photo frames. You can choose a perfect gift for your sibling from the numerous items available with us, and make this Bhai Dooj memorable for years to come.